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Serving Buchanan, Dickenson, Russell, and Tazewell Counties in Virginia
Cumberland Plateau Planning District Commission
Serving Buchanan, Dickenson, Russell, and Tazewell Counties in Virginia
Cumberland Plateau Planning District Commission
Economic Development

          The economy of the Cumberland Plateau Planning District is in transition from coal mining and timber operations to manufacturing, tourism and telecommunications. The Planning District Commissions technical assistance to member counties and towns has significantly enhanced recruitment of manufacturing and telecommunications firms. The CPPDC can also provide low interest loans through its  Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) . The PDC has also been instrumental in supporting asset-based development initiative such as The Crooked Road, Round the Mountain, Appalachian Spring and Appalachia Sustainable Development. These initiatives are based on local assets that cannot be shipped overseas, providing economic opportunity for our local communities and entrepreneurs. See links on our home page to these organizations and the important work they do.


          As part of its ongoing work program, CPPDC staff is preparing a Rural Long-Range Transportation Plan for the District. It also assists localities, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and the general public with transportation data, maps and other information. In addition, we have partnered with LENOWISCO PDC (serving the Counties of Lee, Wise and Scott and the City of Norton) in the Virginia Coalfield Coalition in formally endorsing the construction of the Coalfield Expressway under the states Public Private Transportation Act. The CPPDC is working with ARC,VDOT, and Buchanan County on an temporary alternate route for U.S. 460 from Hawks Nest to Vansant while the CFX and 460 are being completed along Corridor Q.

          The Cumberland Plateau GIS Department stores, creates, and updates various types of maps and digital spatial data for use by local governments, citizens, and community development projects. Through the use of GIS (Geographic Information System) we produce maps which show a variety of useful information to support transportation, environmental planning, economic development, demographic and economic analysis, redistricting, block grants, watershed, hazardous materials, and census data. In addition, the CPPDC provides floodplain maps and topographic maps to local governments, agencies and interested parties.


          Each year, the Cumberland Plateau Planning District Commission staff prepares, or assists in preparing, numerous funding applications for local governments in Buchanan, Dickenson, Russell and Tazewell Counties Applications prepared and/or approved in 2016 - 2017  included the following:

1.  Lebanon Downtown Revitalization Project - $2,388,080  (CDBG, LOCAL, PRIVATE)

2.  Rt. 643/Duty Rd/Pawpaw/Swan Fork Water Project- $1,483,654  (CDBG, SWVW/WW, CDWF, LOCAL)

3.  Coon Branch Waterline Extension - $1,192,798  (CDBG, SWVW/WW, CDWF)

4.  Haysi Trail Center - $393,056  (ARC, VCEDA)

5.  Buchanan County IDA Access Road Phase 1 & 2  - $4,000,000  (ARC)

6.  Dog Hollow Waterline Replacement - $118,830  (SWVW/WW)

7.  Tunnel Rd Waterline Extension - $45,000  (SWVW/WW)

8.  Cleveland Water/Sewer line Extensilon- $175,120  (SWVW/WW)

9.   Donkenny/Breaks/Tivis Pump Station Replacement Project - $570,000   (ARC, CWDF ,SWVW/WW, LOCAL)

10.  Fincastle Estates Water - $640,053   (VDH)


12.  Honaker Downtown Business & Upper Story Housing Survey - $35,000  (DHCD)

13.  Honaker DT Upper Story Housing Assessment & Slate Building PAR - $20,000  (VHDA)

14. Rural Transportation Planning Grant - $58,000  (VDOT)

      Total $13,299,591           

            These projects will result in more households in the District on public water and sewer, as well as increased employment, tourism, educational and entrepreneurial opportunities for District citizens. The PDC planning staff has nearly 100 years of grant writing experience and counts it as a privilege to work with our local, state and federal officials to help bring much needed grant dollars to benefit local citizens and communities.



2016 - 2017 Grant and Loan Applications

          Since 1968, the four CPPDC counties have seen a dramatic increase in district households served by public water systems. PDC staff has worked with its Counties, Towns, and PSA's to create and extend public water systems into most of the communities and rural areas of the District. Working together with our localities, state and federal funders and other public infrastructure programs, the number of households served with safe adequate public drinking water has grown from about 20 percent of total households in 1970 to well over 90 percent in 2014. This effort has been supported by our federal and state agencies and legislators with millions of grant dollars without which much of this progress would not have been possible. Without these grant and low interest loan funds, the water rates needed to cover debt service as well as operation and maintenance cost would have been unreasonable. PDC staff continues to work with our local partners on important new water and sewer projects.

Water & Sewer Development

 A major work element at the CPPDC is providing technical assistance to local governments in grant-writing for much-needed grant and low-interest loans for infrastructure projects. Local governments, PSA's, IDA's, non-profits and other partners determine their priority projects and PDC staff works collaboratively to write applications and sometimes manage various grants received. 

          As the Cumberland Plateau Planning District Commission celebrates its 46th year in 2014, the PDC can look back on and be proud of the many accomplishments that have happened in cooperation with its many federal, state, local and regional partners, both public and private. Since 1968, the Cumberland Plateau, through its efforts with these partners, has helped bring in over $535 million dollars in federal, state and regional funding to the region. 

  In other arenas, such as water and sewer system development, the PDC staff has worked with local water and sewer providers and their engineers to write hundreds of applications to successfully bring much needed grant and low-interest loan funds into the region. Without these government funds, local PSA's and towns could not have provided public water and sewer services to their customers at an affordable rate. And as an innovator in broadband and wireless 4G infrastructure deployment, the Cumberland Plateau has worked with various utilities and the Lenowisco PDC to bring high-speed broadband fiber optic and wireless 4G services to the larger seven-county Virginia coalfields region resulting in hundreds of new higher-paying IT jobs in the area and a better quality of life. All of these efforts have enabled our counties to successfully recruit much needed new industry. 

           A list of projects that have received grant and loan dollars since our creation in 1968 and amounts received can be accessed below. Please note that regional projects are attributed to each County as each County benefitted.

Click here for a listing of projects that have received grant and loan dollars from 1968 to 2021

Technical Assistance