Cumberland Plateau Company (CPC) is a Virginia non-stock, not-for profit corporation organized in 1979 for the purpose of owning real property, rasing funds, and performing other activities not prohibited by Virginia law to corporations.

Under the auspices of the CPC, over the years,the four counties have operated a public works program, implemented an industrial shell building program, and worked with local governments on construction of public facilities. All of these activities have provided valuable public benefit and the creation of manufacturing jobs.

More recently the Cumberland Plateau Company has turned its attention to the high-tech infrastructure of the four county region. Partnering with Bristol Virginia Utility’s OptiNet service (, to form CPC Optinet,the Company has brought redundant fiber optic broadband service to the district, spurring an influx of new employers and the high-tech jobs their companies bring. Companies like CGI, Northrop Grumman, Sykes, SI and Pyott-Boone have brought new jobs to the district or expanded because of this world-class broadband network.

Cumberland Plateau Planning District Company
Serving Buchanan, Dickenson, Russell, and Tazewell Counties in Virginia